June 5, 2014

French Chair Planter

Today, I'm going to share how I transformed a forlorn French chair into a planter for my front porch.   

The chair was in pretty bad shape with cracks in the frame and loose legs, but look at the pretty open-back French frame!  Isn't it pretty in it's natural state!  I fell in love and decided I would bring it home and see if we (Mark) could fix the frame and loose legs so  I could reupholster the seat.  The longer I looked at it in the garage, the more I decided that I wasn't up to reupholstering this old girl (at least not right now)!  But, I did think of a way to make it pretty for summer!

Here's what we did:  First all of the worn and torn upholstery, horsehair, rusty springs, burlap, etc, was ripped off.  When I say - ripped off, you can see that's pretty much what we did!  Then Mark used 1 x 1 pieces of wood to make a ledge so my galvanized tub would fit inside the open chair seat.

Here's a peek at the tub sitting inside the chair seat.  I literally had to lift the petunias up so I could snap this picture!  Some of you commented on yesterday's post about how lush the petunias are already - well, I have a secret.  .  .  I bought them that way!   

Here in Lancaster County, we are blessed with many roadside markets that sell beautiful flowers!  The prices are incredible!  My sister travels one hour to come to Lancaster just to buy flowers because they are so reasonable!   Last week I was driving down a country road and saw gorgeous hanging baskets at one of these roadside markets.      

I stopped and asked how much they were - $14.99!  I picked out the one I liked and it would barely fit in the trunk of my car it was soooo large!  It measured 3 feet across!  I actually removed about half of it and cut some of the flowers back because it was too large for the chair!    I wish I could say that I'm a master gardener and grew those petunias from seed and watched them patiently grow to be so lush - but the hard-working Amish lady gets all the credit!

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  2. Your chair planter is simply charming Doreen! Love those lush flowers! And I was in Lancaster last night for my nephew's graduation and I was thinking about you!

  3. It looks lovely Doreen! Those petunias are gorgeous!

  4. Brilliant, Doreen! I'm sure the Amish lady would be proud to see her petunias sitting so pretty!

  5. I love this and thanks for the information. I would love to do this for sure. PINNED!!! I would love for you pop over and follow me back.


  6. Oh my goodness. I will be in Lancaster county next week. Maybe we will run into each other!

  7. So gorgeous!!! I wish I could get a deal on flowers like that. Sharing at my party tomorrow at Redouxinteriors. Thank you so much for linking up, I love it!


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