June 2, 2014

A Summer Night - A Vintage Outdoor Wedding

Last evening was special - my best friend's daughter married the man of her dreams!  It was the perfect evening.  I took a few photos to share with you of the beautiful space created for this special event.  I'm going to include the words of a song that I found in a 1908 songbook I picked up from a local antique shop.  The song is called "A Summer Night Une Nuit de Mai"  in French and English 1850 -1892.  At the end of the post I am including a printable for you of the first page of this vintage sheet music if you'd like to print it for some instant art in your home.

A Summer Night
Une Nuit de Mai

"Have you forgotten, love, so soon -
That night, that lovely night of June -

When down the tide, so idly dreaming - 
We floated where the moon lay gleaming

My heart was weary and oppress'd -
With some sweet longing half confess'd -

When, like an answer to my sighing,
Your hand in mine was gently lying

O love, that last, long kiss that met -
Can you forget?

Night of love!  lovely night of June -
That night we vow'd by heav'ns own moon,

That night of nights - our troth we plighted,
To all eternity united.

Then first I knew your heart, my heart,
One life, one soul, no more to part;

Then, then I said - What e'er betide us,
No, death itself shall not divide us.

Ah! night of love,
Ah! lovely night of June!"

Wasn't it lovely indeed!  Here's the sheet music printable!  

A special thanks to Linda for the extra photos of the bride and father and the chairs!  You're the best!  Tomorrow, I'll be back to share a bit of summer at my home for the "All Things Home Elements of Summer Tour"! 

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  1. that is amazing, your photos are awesome and captured the specialness of the evening. Glad you could share the evening with us ! Peggy

    1. Everything was just perfect - you are very talented! Loved being there for this special day and was able to capture some of your charming home for my readers.

  2. The lyrics are beautiful and so was the wedding. I especially love the mix and match chairs.

  3. Lovely wedding! Everything is so beautiful. Our son and DIL recently were married in a vintage indoor wedding, which included centerpieces in teapots. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is so beautiful! When my daughter gets married I want to do something like this!


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