Christmas 2013 Hot Cocoa Bar

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friends, to say it's been quite a week would be an understatement!  I'm so sorry that I have been absent.     Since my mother died, my dad has lived nearby so I can keep close tabs on him.   Well, this week has been an especially bad week with some "out of the ordinary" memory issues - so I've been dealing with  lot  - in addition to the normal Christmas craziness!  I'm so thankful my kids are older and understanding in times like this - especially at Christmastime.  If you think of my dad, I would appreciate your prayers that we can get to the bottom of what is causing the added confusion.  

Now, onto a more fun topic - Hot Cocoa!  On a day like today, I need a little chocolate sweetness in my life - how about you?  Here are a few additional pictures of this year's hot cocoa bar! 

The dry mix that I make for my hot cocoa bar is simple - but soooo good!  It has little bits of white chocolate in the mix.  You can find the recipe HERE.  I picked up this silver nutcracker last year at Goodwill - one of my favorite finds!  

The only thing better than a candy cane stirrer are the white chocolate and candy cane spoon stirrers that I made for last year's hot cocoa bar.  I still hope to make them again this year, but you can see them HERE.

This little pitcher holds many special memories - my grandmother used to put milk in it to bring to the table for breakfast.  Even though it has a chip and the gold trim is faded from years of use, it's one of my favorite things!

Here's a close up of the petal shaped garland I made to hang around the mirror.  The edges are coated in one of my other favorite things - German glass glitter!

Finally, I found these adorable Christmas cards at Marshall's to include with my Etsy shop orders - the inside reads "Hope the holidays put a song in your heart!"  How perfect for my business!  I had one left over and popped it into a silver frame I had on hand!  

On a day like today, it's so nice to come here and share the simple things - like hot cocoa and Christmas decorations - with you!   If I haven't told you lately - I'm so glad you are here!

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6 Responses to “Christmas 2013 Hot Cocoa Bar”

  1. Oh my, I love all the prettiness! That framed card is PERFECT! Merry, merry Christmas to you! ~Sally @DrinkingFromMySaucer

  2. So nice and pretty! I put one together this year and it is harder than it looks. It was not blog worthy! :)

  3. I'll be thinking good thoughts for your dad Doreen! And your hot cocoa bar is delightful! I must try your recipe! Love the garland! Merry Christmas!

  4. Doreen,
    I am sorry to hear of the challenges with your dad. Hope and pray you are finding some answers. I love the glittery, petal garland that you made. Let's just admit it, I LOVE glitter! I'll keep praying that your family has a good and peaceful Christmas!
    Love, Linda

  5. Your hot cocoa bar is so pretty and sweet. I'm sorry to hear your dad has not been feeling well. Hugs, Dee

  6. is he drinking less water than usual? dehydration can cause confusion


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