November 26, 2013

Our DIY Kitchen Makeover

I finally have some photos to share with you of what we've been up to in our kitchen.  Of course, this whole project took much longer than we expected (what DIY project doesn't), but I'm happy with what we have accomplished.  There are still things I want to change, but for now, it's a HUGE improvement!  

Here's a before  -  I had to go back into my photo archives (2004 to be exact) to find a before shot!  I've avoided taking any pictures in the kitchen for so long because I really disliked the look that much!  Here it is in all it's oak, formica, and red brick glory!

My guess is that my husband was making peanut butter fudge that day from the ingredients on the countertop.  Basically, the cabinets were a golden oak with brass hardware, a cream colored formica countertop, stainless sink and faucet, red brick backsplash, and bisque colored stove and hood.  Now do you see why I haven't shared any pictures of this area!  

Here's the after.

Here's what we did:  We painted the upper and lower cabinets, added crown molding to the upper cabinets, removed the metal range hood and built a new one with a shelf, new faucet in oil rubbed bronze, and DIY concrete countertops.  Oh, I almost forgot, I white washed the brick!

I chose the Benjamin Moore Advance paint in a satin finish for the cabinets.  It does have a 15 hour drying time between coats, but the finish is more durable, like if you used an oil based paint.  For the upper cabinets, we used Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray (in our house, it looks more like a cream color).  I had also used this color to paint my corner cabinet and it is also the background color of my stenciled wall in the adjoining dining room.   The main wall color in the rest of the space is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter.

The lower cabinets were painted with Benjamin Moore Black (again, in our home, this looks more like a dark charcoal.  I had originally painted the lower cabinets in Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron, but in our house, it gave off a green undertone (which I did NOT want).  After a few samples, I went with the BM Black and it is exactly the charcoal color I was going for.  

We added bead board wallpaper to the sides of the cabinets, updated the pulls to oil rubbed bronze, but I spray painted the hinges with Rustoleum ORB spray paint to save some money.  I've used the spray paint on other fixtures in the past and it holds up incredibly well. 

The DIY concrete countertops took the most time, but I have to say that I really do like how they turned out.  We kept the original concrete color because it looked so good with the cabinet colors we chose.   I'll be sharing how we did the countertops in few days!  If we can do this, so can you!

The other thing that is such a big improvement is the range hood that Mark built.  To white wash the brick, I watered down some white paint and gave it a few coats.  The brick was here when we moved in and I have wanted to get rid of it;  but I'm kind of liking it now with the painted cabinets and concrete countertops. 

There are still things I would like to change in the kitchen - the electric range for one and the stainless sink for another - but that will have to wait a bit.  For now, I am happy with the transformation and can't wait to add some decorative touches!  I kept these pictures pretty bare bones on purpose so you could see the space without too many distractions.  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on our kitchen makeover so far.  

Finally, I wanted to let you know that I've closed my Etsy shop for the week.  I've been swamped with orders the past four weeks (which is a good thing), but I really need some time to get my house ready for Christmas.  I'm participating in the All Things Home "Home for the Holidays" Tour this year and can't wait, but have to deck the halls this week so I'm ready!  

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope your week is off to a great start! 

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  1. WOW WOW WOW!! That is an unbelievable transformation! My mouth might have been hanging open as I looked at the before and after. LOL! It looks absolutely beautiful. Well done!

  2. I love the new look! I've been so tempted to do the same to our kitchen. It is spectacular!

  3. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the colors. Ah your concrete countertop-wow.

  4. Wow, your kitchen is wonderful.....I'm sorry it took so long. I know how frustrating it can be, but it turned out great. I bet your thrilled :-)

  5. Wow!! What a HUGE transformation!! It looks amazing! All that hard work paid off with a really beautiful kitchen!!

  6. AMAZING transformation!!! Love the whitewashed brick and that pretty little chandy!

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  8. Love it!! We are forever working on our kitchen, so I feel your angst to have it complete. Keep up the good work! :o)

  9. I love what you did! Can't wait to hear how you did the concrete counter tops!

  10. Love the changes! At first glance, I thought you had installed subway tile on the backsplash. Looking forward to hearing about how you did the counter tops. Great job!

  11. I love what you've done to your kitchen! It looks so modern now- wonderful job! I'm bookmarking this post so I remember some of your tips!:) Thanks for sharing!

  12. Looks fab Doreen! Can't wait to hear about the countertops!

  13. This is a wonderful makeover!!! Love the new hood covering over the range - especially the shelf addition. The concrete counters are AMAZING!!!! It all looks fantastic, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished.

  14. Your kitchen looks amaaazing! I love it all, and look forward to seeing how you did the concrete countertops. I hope you keep the whitewashed brick- it looks really pretty. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :)

  15. I'm so glad I saw this post, daughter has the red 70's brick and I have to show her how you did yours. That's all you did was use watered down white paint?

    Love your home for the holidays btw just gorgeous!

  16. Allison BallantyneMarch 6, 2015 at 10:33 AM

    Where did you get the light fixture for this kitchen? I am in love!

  17. I dont know if you will see this comment, as I know this is an older post... but I was dumbstruck when I saw this!!! My kitchen finishes are almost EXACTLY like you before photo and I had come up with a plan to white wash the stupid red brick backsplash to tone it down, and even to paint my upper cabinets white, and the lowers black... BUT, I never did these projects because I got stuck at the stinkin old and cracked white formica counter tops, I knew I didn't have the money to replace them. Just like you, I had considered making the forms and pouring concrete counters, but that seemed a bit beyond my skill level.
    NOT STUCK ANYMORE!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you, for showing your kitchen makeover and especially the how-to post on how you did your countertops I have been picturing my kitchen looking just like your 'After' photo, and now I can make it a reality !!! Sorry for the worlds' longest comment, but I'm so excited! I have a question - how did you do the part along back of the sink? Our is just the corner, where it meets the vertical piece of counter back splash. And, in the view from the end of the counter - it looks like the front edge is sort of angled inward from the top to bottom, is that right? Thank you again, for your awesome helpful posts!


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