January 10, 2013

His Eye is on the Sparrow and Grace

I've been busy adding new items to my Etsy shop - so busy, that I haven't had a blog post in a week!  So, I thought I would share two of the new items that I've been working on.   This is an original design based on the old hymn,  His Eye is on the Sparrow.  It is printed on cotton fabric and the frame is salvage wood that I painted and distressed.  

The next item is new - a wood sign with a simple phrase - {grace}.  Grace is shown to us and we need to show grace to others - something I know I need to be reminded of at times - especially living with three sons!

I have more sewing projects for my shop that I'm really excited about and some updates to some of my older designs.    I'll keep you posted!

I've also been shuffling things around in the house and trying to spruce things up since all the Christmas decor went down!  I also have some DIY projects in the works - I think I may have a touch of decor ADD.  I am going from one thing to the next and not getting much completed.   I really need to focus and get a few spaces ready to share with you!  Please tell me that I'm not the only person who works like this!

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