January 25, 2013

Brightening Up with New Pillows

It's been so cold here in the Northeast and I've been trying to do a bit of brightening up inside.  I added some new pillows to my sofa and it's amazing how it makes the color in the sofa seem brighter.  I'm also in search of a new area rug.  My current rug is beautiful, but the colors are dark.   I think that will also bring out the green more in my sofa.

The white shaggy pillows I found at Ross.  For Ross, they were pricey, but I loved the texture of them.   I think they are perfect for winter!  

The center pillow is a Home Goods find! 

The Unending Love and Amazing Grace pillows are Pottery Barn down pillow forms with  pillow covers that I sell in my Etsy shop.

We are expecting some light snow later today, which will at least make things pretty outside if it has to be sooooo cold!  

May your weekend be bright!



  1. Very pretty Doreen! I love the piece hanging above your sofa too!

  2. Doreen your new pillows are amazing!! Don't have Ross here... Lucky you!

  3. My favorite are definitely the pillow covers you made! They are wonderful!!

  4. Beautiful pillows Doreen! I'm making pillows today and watching the snow. Tomorrow Megan and I are going to make lined drapes - good projects for cold, snowy days!

  5. All of the pillows look fabulous-thank you for sharing where you got them-going to look at your etsy shop!

  6. New pillows make me so happy :) I love these. Seriously, Ross and Home Goods - two of my favorite stores.

  7. I love love love your pillow covers you made. My husband's favorite hymn is Amazing Grace so that one immediately caught my eye.

    I still love your door over your sofa with the wonderful message on it!

    Always enjoy my visits here.


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