June 27, 2012

Come Sail Away

Okay, this one takes me back.   Come Sail Away by Styx.   This was recorded way back in 1977.   That means I was singing this tune when I was in the 7th grade!  Yes, I know, I'm old!   My family lived near a lake resort and had a boat and we would go to the lake to waterski regularly in the summer.  I remember listening to the Top 40 on that boat and soaking in the sun.  Those were the days as they say!  Okay, back to the song, Come Sail Away, and the inspiration for this set of pillow covers.

It is a set of three pillow covers.  The top and bottoms are made from blue ticking and the center and pillow backs are canvas.  I painted the words with black fabric paint.   The pillow backs have an envelope opening and I attached silver grommets to each side of the opening.  I made rope ties from cotton cording and "whipped" the edges with jute.  

The pillow covers are each made to fit an 18 x 18" pillow form, but the forms are not included.  I think these pillow covers would be perfect for a beach or lake house or just on the back porch!   They are available for sail in my Etsy shop, Hymns and Verses.

I really hope my post has you singing, whistling, or humming this summer Styx classic:

Come Sail Away, Come Sail Away, Come and Sail Away with Me!

Have a blessed Wednesday,


June 26, 2012

Ruffled Mind = Restless Pillow

Don't you just love getting older and all the little "perks" that go along with it!   I have to say, I don't like it one bit!  My insomnia is one of those little perks that I could do without!  And,  how about memory lapses!   Lately, I think one thing and say another!  What's up with that!  

My hubby will ask, "do you know where my hammer is?"
Me, "it's on the shelf in the garage" when I mean to say "on the shelf in the shed".   

So, he'll go to the garage and look and not find the hammer, come back to me and say, "I don't see my hammer on the shelf in the garage".   
Me, "no, I said the shed".   
He'll say, "no, you said the garage".  
Me, "Did I?  Why did I say that!"   

When I saw this little quote by Charlotte Bronte, it spoke to me!

"A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow" -  Charlotte Bronte.

I envisioned a pillow with ruffles with this little Charlotte Bronte quote and this is the finished product!

Just a little something for the Charlotte Bronte fan or those like me, who have both a ruffled mind and a restless pillow!

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Have a Blessed Tuesday,

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June 25, 2012

La Toilette Chalkboard Sign

When I posted my bathroom update there was one project that I didn't have finished in time.   I wanted to make a chalkboard sign to hang on the bathroom door.

I had seen the chalkboard signs made from silver trays all over the blogosphere and thought that would be the perfect finishing touch to the newly made over bathroom. I found the perfect silver tray at the local Goodwill. I taped off the edges of the tray and spray painted the center with three coats of chalkboard paint. For hanging, I hot glued a piece of gray satin ribbon to the back. 

So, I'm literally "closing the door" on my bathroom with this La Toilette sign!   Now, on to the next project!

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Have a blessed Monday,

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June 19, 2012

My First Ever Giveaway!

I so want to thank everyone who has encouraged me and followed me on my blogging journey thus far! I can't believe I  have reached over 100 followers!   It seems like yesterday that I was sitting at my computer waiting for just one follower!   I know in the big blog world 100 followers is nothing, but to me, it's a milestone and reason to party!

My thank you is a giveaway for the set of Butterfly Pillow Covers I sell in my Hymns and Verses Etsy shop. You can click on the link above for all the specs.   Since this is my first giveaway, I am going to let it run a little longer than normal.  It will end on July 1 MN ET.  I will announce the winner chosen by random.org on Monday, July 2.  

To Enter:

1.  For one entry, visit my Etsy Shop and leave me a comment here letting me know your favorite item.

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Again, thank you for spending a small portion of your day visiting here at Hymns and Verses!  I soooo appreciate you!


June 12, 2012

Bathroom Update

I have finally finished my bathroom update!  It took a long time for such a small room, but I am happy with the outcome.  I do wish I could have gotten better pics to post, but alas, it was a dreary and rainy day here in PA and I wanted to write this post today.  The main colors in the room are gray, stone and white.  The paint color on the walls is Smokestone by Martin Senour and the cabinet color is one shade lighter.  All the trim in my home is White Orchid by Martin Senour.  The hardware is a pewter finish.  

My main inspiration for the room  colors was the fabric I purchased for the shower curtain.  It is a slate gray with a stone color leaf pattern.  I made the ruffles at the top with  a lighter gray raw silk.

The "relax" sign is an old shutter that I painted with Annie Sloan Old White and used black for the stencil.  The wood box on the floor is hard to see in this pic, but it is very rustic and there is a metal "ruler" attached at the bottom.  Not sure what this had been used for, but I liked it.  I lined it with linen fabric and filled it with extra towels, toilet paper, and magazines. 

The old, rustic ladder is hung by two pewter finish robe hooks.  I have to admit I stole this idea from Karianne at Thistlewood Farm.  I wasn't sure how to hang this ladder to hold towels and then yesterday, out of the blue, Karianne had a post on her blog about her Butler's pantry and low and behold, there was a ladder hanging from hooks like this!  So, off I went to my local Home Goods and purchased a set of robe hooks to hang my ladder and they worked perfectly!  Thanks, Karianne, for the inspiration! 

The metal crate and white washed stone bird I found at TJ Maxx.  The enamel sign is from Ramsign and I won it on a blog giveaway!  I tied it to the crate with some twine.  The little tin boxes with tags are from the Pottery Barn Outlet.  I put names on them to hold that person's prescription medicine (there are five in our family and luckily one doesn't take any medication because I only had room for four boxes in this little space!).  

I found this frame at TJ Maxx and thought it would go great in the bathroom.  I brought it home, lined it with linen and hot glued some skeleton keys to the linen.  I love how it turned out!

Just below this, I knew I wanted a towel holder.  I found this old porcelain doorknob with the hardware and with a few alternations, it is now a towel holder.  

Well, that's my bathroom update.  Thanks for taking a look and I would love to hear what you think!

Have a blessed day,

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June 7, 2012

In Times Like These

I'm loving the nautical influence this summer in home decor.  I'm drawn to images of rustic anchors,  canvas fabrics, the texture of rope and those knot doorstops, and of course, sea shells, sand dollars, and star fish!   We are working on an update to our screen porch and I know I'm going to incorporate some of these elements!  

I've also been inspired to create a few nautical themed items for my Etsy shop.  One I am really excited about is still not quite complete, but I'll share it in a day or two.  For now, I'll show you a framed print on canvas that I'm listing for sale today.  

The print is based on an old hymn, The Solid Rock, written by Ruth C. Jones.  I believe it was written during WWII.  

The Solid Rock

In times like these, you need a Savior
In times like these, you need an anchor
Be very sure, be very sure
Your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock.

The printed design was done with black fabric paint on natural canvas.  The rustic wood frame is made from old barn siding.  I drilled two holes at the top of the frame and used a thick, jute rope with knotted ends to make a hanger.  The frame itself is pretty large and measures 21 1/4 x 24.  

I found the image of the anchor over at The Graphics Fairy.  If you ever need a vintage image, The Graphics Fairy should be your first stop!  

In other news, I'm getting very close to having 100 followers!  That is a huge milestone for me and I want to CELEBRATE & SAY THANK YOU!  Stay tuned for information about a giveaway I will be having to celebrate my blog reaching the 100 follower mark!  Here's a not so subtle hint about what I will be giving away!

Have a blessed day,


June 4, 2012

Knock Off Anthropologie Jute Hurricane Lantern

So here's my inspiration, an outdoor jute hurricane lantern from Anthropologie.  I made mine with things I had on hand - so free works for me!

Here are the supplies I used:  Empty Turkey Hill Sun Brew iced tea container, garden twine, jute rope, burlap, black cord, number stencil, black acrylic paint, and you will need a glue gun.  I had all of these items on hand.

The black cord -- well my family has a large sealed container that is the graveyard for all random cords/adapters.  Between my husband and three older boys, we have accumulated quite a few gagets over the years and somehow we have also accumulated a lot of extra cords that I would like to throw out, but they won't let me because they may need one some day!!!  Sooo, I decided to invade their supply and put one of these cords to good use!  If you don't have any random cords at your house (lucky you), then you could adapt this and use some upholstery cording, pipecleaner, whatever.

Okay, on to the tutorial.

Remove the label from the iced tea container.  I used Goo Gone.  Then, cut the top off the container as shown by the red mark.

The original Anthropologie hurricane appears to have a metal frame.  To replicate the look, I used the black cord.  Cut six pieces of cord to fit the height of your container.  Run a bead of hot glue (I used the low setting) down the length of the first corner and apply the cord.   Repeat with all the corners.  Then in the middle front, add another piece of cord.  Repeat for the middle back.  Do not add black cord to the middle sides.

Start on the left side and create a loop with your garden twine and glue at the top.  Then continue to glue the twine down the side, across the bottom, up the other side, and end by creating another loop.

Take your burlap and cut to the approximate size needed to cover the container.   Line up the burlap along the top edge of the container and leave enough at the bottom to fold over.  Run a bead of hot glue down what will be the middle back piece of cord and attach the burlap.  Use your finger and thumb to run over the burlap covered cord.  This will accent the cord even more to create a ridge and give the appearance of a metal frame.  Continue to the next line of cord and repeat the process the whole way around to your starting point at the back.

When you get back to your starting point, cut off any excess burlap and fold over to create a clean seam and glue.

At the bottom, simply fold and glue down the burlap like you would wrap a present.

Create a stencil with the number you would like to use (I used Contact paper with my Silhouette cutter).  You could also use a rubber stamp or even just write on the burlap with a black Sharpie.  I chose the number 50, because that is our house number.  I think a monogram would be great for this project as well.  Center your stencil on what will be the front of the lantern and fill in with black acrylic paint.

Next, glue the jute cord to the very top edge of the container.  This will cover up your container cut line and burlap raw edge.  Start at the middle back of the container where your seam begins and work your way around gluing a little at a time.

This is what it will look like with the rope glued to the top edge.

Repeat the process for the bottom.

Cut a piece of jute rope to the length you would like for hanging.  Insert the rope through the twine loop.  Take the end of the rope up about an inch, pinch the rope together, and secure with glue.  Repeat on the other side with the other end of the rope.

Use your garden twine and wrap around the glued edges of the rope ends.  I used glue to start wrapping and then glued the end of my wrapped twine.  At the top, I created another loop for hanging by simply squeezing the rope together and wrapping again with the garden twine.

Add a battery operated candle and there you have it, a knock off Anthropologie jute lantern.  I know it seems like a lot of steps, but it really didn't take long and it was free!

This is my first tutorial, so please feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear.  Now, I need to make a few more of these to hang from the trees in my back yard!

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