December 21, 2012

DIY Silhouette Nativity Templates

I received so many sweet comments about my DIY silhouette nativity, that I thought I would share the templates with you.  Now, you can make your own silhouette nativity scene!

My nativity is larger than the jpeg images I am providing (an overhead projector could be used to make them larger or you could take them to a copy center to be enlarged).  I wanted you to be able to print the images from your own printer.   You will need legal sized paper to print most of them.  You will need to watch the proportions of the characters.  To get some of the images to fit, I needed to make them a bit smaller.  When making your copies, just use your judgement to adjust the sizes as needed. 

Also, I used heavy chip board for my silhouettes.  You could also use poster board.  I used the real silver German glass glitter from Meyer Imports to make my nativity scene sparkle, but you could skip that step if you aren't into sparkle!  

As in my original post, I used birch branches to make the stable.  I used tiny nails at the four major joints and then reinforced those joints by wrapping them with jute twine in an "X" pattern.  Then, I just hot glued additional, smaller birch twigs to the frame to make it a little more rustic.

I have been asked how I made the silhouettes stand up.  First, I laid out four birch branches in front of the stable and staggered them left to right and front to back.  Then I  hot glued each silhouette to the branches where I wanted them placed.  By staggering the branches, you can add depth to the scene (some of the silhouette images are more toward the front and some more in the background).  

Here are the jpeg images.  I hope you will let me know if you decide to make your own silhouette nativity and, of course, send pictures!

 Mary Silhouette

 Joseph Silhouette

 Jesus Manger Silhouette

 Shepherds Silhouette

 Sheet and Star Silhouette

 Donkey Silhouette

 Cow Silhouette

 O Holy Night Banner 1
 O Holy Night Banner 2


  1. Very nice on your mantle piece and I also did enjoy the candle in the centre of your branches on the basket. It must smell so nice..

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Thank you so much for this--I am tickled! I want to make this for next year for sure. This is a great gift!

  3. Doreen, you are so sweet to make these for us!!! Thank you so much!! Your blog is such a treasure and I am so thankful to find well as another sister in Christ! Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!! I want to make this nativity for my mantle next year. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a God Filled Day

  5. These are beautiful. How did you cut these out? Did you use a machine like the cricut or silhouette? Or did you cut them by hand?

  6. I love this nativity set. Have you ever thought about selling it in your etsy shop?

  7. I am using these templates for a Church bulletin board. During an age when everyone is looking to make a buck I really appreciate you sharing your artwork. So beautiful. Thank you.

  8. Absolutely adore this!! I hope to make one soon!! Thank you for sharing and your home tour is amazing!! love it all!!

  9. How much glass glass glitter did it take to cover them? I noticed they sell it in various sizes. Thanks.

  10. LOVE!!! A friend is making a set for me and I have a question about sizing. I know you can blow the templates up to any size, but I was wondering about the size of your set. It looks like your tallest figure is about 12 inches?

  11. Dear Doreen,

    Thanks for sharing your template. I'll like to share what I did with them. I made this in a psychiatric nursing home with my patients.

  12. Your generosity in sharing these templates is much appreciated. My children and I will enjoy crafting with them.


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