October 15, 2012

Step by Step

Well,  were have you been?  I hope that's what you are asking me!  You see, I've been MIA from my blog for a couple weeks.  Just taking some time to evaluate where I'm going.  If you've been here from the beginning, you know I started my blog shortly after losing my job that I had for the past 16 years.  I decided to give this blogging thing a try as well as open up my own Etsy shop to sell some handmade wares based on old hymns and other inspiration.  I knew it would be slow going, but was just a little discouraged with how slow .  .  .  and how much work was actually involved in doing all this.  Writing fresh content for the blog, creating new items for my shop, preparing and shipping orders, doing home updates and makeovers to feature on the blog,  keeping up with twitter, facebook, pinterest, e-mail, and other social media .  .  . well, let's just say I was amazed at the hours I was putting in.  I had friends tell me, "sometimes it's just easier to work your eight hours, come home, and forget about the job".  That is appealing.

I spent the past few weeks job searching and sending out a few resumes and filling out applications.  I felt I needed to do this to see if that was the direction God was leading me.  The job market today is also very discouraging, but I did get one call back and have an interview tomorrow.  We'll see what happens.  Of course, this past week, I also had one of my better weeks in my Etsy shop (with no promotion whatsoever, I sold three items and have gained a lot of new followers both at my shop and on my facebook page! )

I know many of you have been on my path and that's encouraging to me.  I still don't know where I'm going, but I know Who I'm following.   In the meantime, I need to keep on, keeping on.  I need to put my heart back into my blog and my shop and give it all I've got.  I need to go on that interview tomorrow and see where that takes me.  I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful family who has encouraged me in my little venture and will support me whatever happens - that means the world to me.  

Thank you, my faithful followers, for hanging in there with me.  I promise I won't leave my blog like that again without some explanation of where I am.  That was really kind of rude!  If I do end up taking a job outside the home, I"ll be sure to let you know!  Please pray with me that I will know clearly where it is that I am to be.  

As I began to write this post, I thought of these words from a familiar praise song:

"Oh, God, You are my God
And I will ever praise you
I will seek You in the morning
And I will learn to walk in Your ways
And step by step You'll lead me
And I will follow You all of my days."

That's my plan.  And just so you know I wasn't sitting around the house wallowing, I included  some pics of projects I can't wait to share with you!

Blessings to you,


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  1. Good luck on your job hunt. I know that must be very discouraging! Your Fall decor is beautiful thanks for sharing.

  2. Love your mantel. The silver tray and wire cloche are really fabulous.

  3. I love it, it's beautiful!! Found you via Coastal Charm link party!

    -Fotini { http://glamorousbride.blogspot.com }

  4. Everything can definitely get overwhelming! You've got a great attitude, though! Good luck on your interview :)
    Btw, I LOVE your vignette!

  5. I like your old books. Everything looks beautiful

  6. Doreen - It's so wonderful that you are leaving your future up to the Lord!! I will be praying for you and your decisions. Etsy is probably going to be it's busiest the next few months, so if the job doesn't work out, hopefully your Etsy will go gangbusters!!

    Good luck!


  7. Beautiful mantle! I am featuring you on my Facebook page tonight- so stop by the blog and grab a "I Was Featured" button. Good luck with your job decisions, I am an Esty girl too!
    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls

  8. Loving your mantle and all the elements! Come link up to centerpiece Wednesday and share your post with us. Karin

  9. "Stumbled" on your blog....haven't read far, but am intrigued by your concentration - hymns and verses. Both are HUGE sources of truth, inspiration, hope and encouragement to me. I don't have any "history" with you, but share a great confidence in our Heavenly Father...so even as I sign off this comment, I do so with a prayer for His direction and wisdom for you.

  10. This is all WONDERFUL! Love the neutrals, and the name of your blog :D

  11. Doreen your mantel is gorgeous. Love it. Thanks for sharing at my party.

  12. Best wishes on your new job adventure . . . there is the perfect position waiting for you. Your Autumn decor is lovely:)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  13. This time of year can get very overwhelming for so many! I love your sweet spirit and your room looks so pretty!

    Have a great day rock star!


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