July 3, 2012

And the Winner Is . . .

Thanks to everyone who entered my first ever giveaway!  And the winner is .  .  .  


What a great giveaway! I visited your Etsy shop and I have to say the butterfly pillows are my fave.   Also love where the "Bloom where you are planted" sign too.

Congrats Sandy!   The butterfly pillow covers are yours!   I'll be in touch to get shipping info.  

In other news, I've been super busy!  Last week I went with hubby and 16 teens to the Creation music festival.   Our youngest was along and our oldest and his girlfriend were there as counselors.   It is a four day event, but I only stayed for the first two days.  Our middle son had gone to the beach with a group of his friends, so, I came home to a blissfully quiet house (which is a rare occurrence)!   I worked on a few things for my Etsy shop and for the house, did some much needed cleaning, and watched chick flicks!   
Today, was about getting back to normal after everyone returned home and tackling the mountain of laundry they brought with them!  I hope to be back tomorrow to share what I've been up to!



  1. I am so excited--thank you! I am having fun thinking of where to put them:) I'm feeling very lucky..and blessed!

  2. Sandy,

    I still haven't received your mailing address through e-mail. It may have gone to spam. Just to make sure you have my correct e-mail - it is doreen@cagno.com. Would you be able to send it again. I would love to put your pillow covers in the mail today! Thanks!



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