April 28, 2012

Saturday Yard Sale Finds

Wow, today was a good yard sale day for me.  I almost decided against going out.  It is so tempting to snuggle back under the covers at 5:30 a.m.  on a Saturday morning, especially when we are having the strangest spring here in PA.  We actually had a freeze warning last night, so it was pretty cold out there today.  But I did get up and out by 6:30 and it was worth it!  I thought I would share some of my finds!

I got two teak garden benches.  I can either power wash them and condition them with some teak oil to bring back a nice finish, or just go with this nice weathered look.  They are going in my back yard near the fire pit.  They will be perfect to have a comfortable seat while roasting hot dogs or marshmallows on a cool summer night.   I paid $35 for both benches!   The large, old mirror frame was $5!  I had great plans to paint it with Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint, put a mirror in it, and hang it in my powder room.  Alas, it is TOO large!  I do love it and it is quite old.  I'm sure I will think of something I can use it for.

The tiny children's stool is another old piece.  It was $1.  The pedestal pottery on top of the stool was also $1.  The brass porch light is going on my screened porch to replace the builder's grade fixture that I have hated for years.  The nice thing is that this find closely matches the style of my other outdoor lighting, so I was super happy to find it for just $2.  

Last, but certainly not least, is this rooster.  It's not old and is simply a decor item, but it was calling, (or crowing), my name at just $5.  I have the perfect place for him in my dining room.

In addition to these awesome finds for our home, I got my sons a long board, which they tell me sell for around $300.  I got one in awesome condition today for $5!

I had so much fun with my good friend, Cindy.  It brought back memories of when our kids were little and we would go to yard sales every Saturday looking for mostly things for the kids.   Now, our kids are high school and college age, and it's more about what we can find for us!

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  1. WOW, look at that ROO...beautiful. Glad you decided to go out. Thanks for sharing the loot with the newbie party.

  2. wow! you did great! i never find good stuff like that.

    1. Micki,

      It was unusual for me to find such good things! That's why I had to share!


  3. great finds Doreen. Found you Debbie's Newbie Party. I will link up with you and come back to visit your blogs.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  4. Wow. Wish I could have hit some of those yardsales. You got quite the haul. I love the benches and that mirror. I bought a huge oak frame a few months ago with intentions of painting it and adding a mirror, until I priced beveled glass. I'm planning on turning it into a chalkboard with a cheap piece of luan from the hardware store. Could work for you, as well.

    I skipped yard sales this Saturday, but after seeing what you brought home, I'm definitely hitting the sales this weekend. Such treasures.

  5. Wow! You scored BIG time! Definitely worth getting up at 5:00 AM for. Love the benches what a steal for $35.00 for the 2 of them!

  6. Thanks, everyone!

    Some Saturday's I find nothing and then I have a great day and find some amazing things! Keep looking, one man's trash is another's treasure!



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