Where Hope Grows - A Movie Review

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This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to preview a movie that's about to hit your local cinema on May 15 - Where Hope Grows.  It's a story of 

when hope seems nowhere to be found

that's honest and true

simple and childlike

found by those who seek it

As you can probably guess, this is a faith based movie. Now, in the past few years, faith based movies have seen a resurgence, which is awesome!  But, as a bit of a critic, some are better than others.  To me, the best faith based movie is one that is "not in your face" - do you know what I mean?  Just like telling someone that they are a sinner is likely not going to win a person for Jesus, the same thing holds true for a movie - a "Christian" movie may have a limited audience.   This movie doesn't mention Jesus, but it's a story of hope and redemption found through Him.

The main character in the story is a man who is struggling with life.  He's a single dad, who's lost his self esteem and has turned to a friend who comforts him - alcohol.   Things begin to spiral downward in his life, but then comes hope.  Hope for this man is found in the form of a new friend - Produce.

One word to describe Produce - JOY!  Produce's joy is infectious and the man is drawn to him  - and an unexpected friendship is formed.

I want to encourage you to GO see this movie! The quality of the performance is superb and the storyline is well crafted.  It is seriously one of the best films I've seen in a long time - I laughed and cried and was filled with happiness and joy at the end!  Here's a clip of the movie so you can see for yourself!

If you know a friend who is going through a particular hard time, be there for them, show them God's love by your actions, and you might want to take them out for dinner and a movie! 

If you do go to see the movie in the next few weeks, I'd love to hear what YOU think.

To quote Produce - 
"Have a Magnificent Day"!

Memories of Mom

Happy Mother's Day!

Today I wanted to share a few things that remind me of my Mom.  She died in 2005 of lung cancer - having never smoked one cigarette in her life.  It was a long and drawn out illness that has made it hard to remember Mom without those terrible memories - until recently.  Now I find myself remembering Mom in everyday things and circumstances and it makes me smile!  So here are a few things that remind me of Mom.

a Typewriter

Lilacs in Bloom Vignette

It's Springtime and the Lilacs are blooming - except in my yard!  Last year my lilac suffered from powdery mildew and it was in bad shape because I didn't catch it in time.   I trimmed it back to the ground in the fall - so this year, I only have one bloom!  But, one of the wonderful things about living in Lancaster County is that there are so many roadside stands run by the plain people selling flowers that they grow in their gardens.  

Lancaster County Lilac Stand

Orange Cream Fruit Salad Recipe

I don't post a lot of recipes here, but decided that since we are entering the season of the 3 P's -


that I would share some of my go-to recipes for these summertime events!  They are simple, quick, and taste delicious!   Today I'm sharing a fruit salad that my boys loved when they were young!  What makes it special is the creamy citrus sauce!
Fruit Salad with Citrus Cream Sauce

How to Prune a Weeping Cherry Tree

A few years ago I purchased a weeping cherry tree - as a remembrance of my Mom. It has grown quite a bit over the years.     I wish I had taken a picture of it then - but it looked like those pictured below.  My weeping cherry is a Snow Fountain variety.  It has white flowers with pink centers each spring.  It is not a dwarf tree, but will grow between 6 - 15 feet.

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