DIY Hanging Window Basket Cat Perch

Yesterday, I shared a peak at Sadie's new window seat.  She really likes being up there.  It's a short jump from our bed to the basket and she has quite a view of our back yard.

A Message from Sadie the Cat

Today's post is from Sadie!  The last time you saw her was at Christmastime in the photo below.  She has grown quite a bit since then!

Handcrafted Butterfly House

I just had to share my most recent find!

This handcrafted butterfly house!    Isn't it ahhhh mazing!

From the top of it's tin roof - 

to the hinged door with old dresser hardware -

to the well thought out interior with chicken wire for the butterflies to rest.  

I'm going to plant a small butterfly garden this spring and this will be perfect there.  I've been researching plants that will attract butterflies to include in my garden and will share my plan with you soon.  

If you would be interested in purchasing a handcrafted butterfly house like this one, let me know in the comments below.  Based on your interest, I may purchase some to list in my Etsy shop.  They would be priced at $45.

Oh, and I had to share my BIG news!

Did you know that Modern Masters Paint is used to paint all those gold Oscar props at the awards ceremony?  Their metallic paint is THE BEST!  To celebrate the Oscars, they had a contest where you could submit your project using Modern Masters paint.  There were categories for "Best Front Door Paint Project", "Best Decorative Wall Finish", "Best Metal Effects Finish",  "Best Decorative Ceiling Finish", "Best Furniture Makeover", and "Best Metallic Paint Finish".  I submitted the French nightstand that I painted using their metallic paint (you can see the before HERE and the tutorial HERE).  

And, can you believe - I won!!!   So exciting!  My prize - no, not a golden statue!  But, better - $100 to purchase more Modern Masters paint!

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Last Look at Winter

Today I packed away all the winter decor!  But, before I did, I thought I'd take a few last pics to share with you.

Please feel free to ask any questions about any of the items you see in my posts!  I'll be glad to answer!  I'm hoping to get some spring cleaning done over the weekend - we're still in subzero temps here, so I'd rather stay inside!  I'll be back on Sunday with something spring related - hope to see you back then!  Have a wonderful weekend!

Also, I want to thank all of you for your prayers for my niece and family.  The insurance inspector was their earlier in the week and pretty much everything was lost.  

Looking for Spring Inspriation on Another Snow Day!

If you don't live where you are getting lots of snow this winter - you may not be able to relate to this post.

But if you do, you can definitely relate!  I'm so tired of cold, subzero temps and snow!

Today, I'm packing away everything winter in the house and digging out anything that says SPRING! 

Even if there is snow on the ground and yet more to come - I'm gonna make the inside of my house say Spring! 

Hopefully soon the outside will also comply!

Last evening I was going through some of my old spring posts and decided I would share some of those photos with you.  

If you've followed me for a long time, you may have seen these already - but if you're a newer follower, I hope they inspire you to get your home ready for Spring!  You can find links to these projects under the "Projects" tab in my Navigation Bar above!

Hope your day is full of warmth!

P.S.  My niece and her family suffered a terrible loss yesterday - their home burned down.  They have two sweet little girls.  If you would, could you say a prayer for them today.  They live here in PA, actually further north where it is even colder!  What wasn't destroyed by the fire, was destroyed by ice from the firefighter's water.  Thanks so much dear friends!  I appreciate your prayers for them and I know they do too!  


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