Do You Ever Feel Like You're Under a Dark Cloud?

That's totally how I've been feeling the past two weeks.  When I last posted, I shared that my father was ill.  Well, a few days later, he was much worse - very confused and had all the telltale signs of a UTI.  We took him to the doctor and sure enough, raging UTI.  If you don't have elderly parents, confusion is one of the main signs that can signal a UTI for seniors.  When we first moved my dad from his country home three hours from here, it was because he was so confused that he thought it was snowing in June!  We were sure he had a stroke.  I brought him to Lancaster and he was admitted to our local hospital.  After a week of tests and IV antibiotics, he was back to his normal self and was willing to finally consider moving closer to us!

We found him a lovely cottage in a retirement community, where he still lives independently.  It's very nice and is only 10 minutes from me.   He is pretty healthy for an 86 year old, except that occasionally he will get a UTI accompanied by confusion.  Back to the present, the antibiotic he was given hasn't been doing the job, so a second, stronger antibiotic was prescribed and we are praying that it will kick this infection out of his system!    If you are a caregiver of an elderly parent, you know the angst and upheaval it causes when they are sick. 

My dad with Seth's girlfriend, Rae 
Then, last weekend, I was out for a bit of retail therapy and when I got into my car - a dashboard message started blinking at me! Ok - my reaction "you've got to be kidding me!"   Then, like one message blinking at me wasn't enough, another message started blinking, and another!  The car was running and I called the hubs who told me to try to nurse it home.  The car is seven years old, so I guess it is to be expected that there will be some problems - but it was just bad timing with my dad being sick.  I got the car to the dealership and on Monday they called to let us know that it was a problem with a computer module and would be $1200!  Yikes!  I had been considering trading the car in just a few weeks ago and, of course, this made me wish I had acted on those instincts!
I shared last week that I had lost my design files for my shop, but was hoping that they would be recovered from my hard drive.  Well, no such luck!  I have been working on redesigns all week and have many more to do.

Finally, we had a nasty stray tom cat visit our yard and he got into a fight with my black and white cat, Oreo.  She began limping - a trip to the vet and she was put on antibiotics for an infection in a joint caused by the cat bite.  The vet said she may never walk on that leg again if we don't exercise it for her daily - which is very painful for her!  Today, I noticed that Oreo is starting to put some weight on her paw, so I'm hopeful that she'll be able to use the leg normally soon.

In the midst of all this was our 30th wedding anniversary.  Josh and Sarah were over and asked us what we were going to do for the occasion and we just laughed because we really didn't feel much like celebrating!  Well, later that evening we got a text telling us that the kids went together and gave us a weekend at my favorite place to rest, restore, and relax - the BEACH!  They reserved us a room at a gorgeous bed and breakfast this weekend and we can't wait to get away from it all!  I can't wait to hear the waves, feel the salty breeze, and ride a bicycle on the boardwalk!

I wrote this post to share what's been going on with me, but also to let you know that bloggers are real people with real problems - just like you!  Life's not always picture perfect and sometimes gets in the way of scheduled blog posts and projects.  But, even when I feel like I'm under a dark cloud, God is with me there and that is so comforting.

So - my dad is on a new antibiotic, my car is fixed and paid for, I'm working on redesigns for my Etsy shop, my cat is getting better, and I'm going to the beach for the weekend!  I'd say the clouds are parting and it's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day tomorrow! 

I'll be back to my normal posting schedule on Sunday!  Here are a few things I'll be sharing soon:

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Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Wishing you a relaxing weekend full of sunshine!

P.S.  If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, I'll be sharing some pics from the beach over the weekend!

Built-In Closet Industrial Desk

Wow - it's been a while since I've been here with a new post!  Lots of blog distractions - middle son leaving for a month long tour with his band, tax procrastination, some issues with my 86 year old dad, and the loss of all my Etsy shop computer design files!!! But, the taxes are now filed, my dad is doing better, my son is off, and I'm still praying we'll be able to recover my design files!  Today, I thought I'd share a recent DIY - a  built-in closet industrial desk - now that's a mouthful!  

In Closet DIY Desk

One Hour Easter Bunny Tote

I know what you are probably thinking - "why, oh why, are you showing us this cute project just two days before Easter!"  I know, I know. But, if you have an hour to spare and have time to get the supplies you need, you can make this adorable little tote! 

One Hour Bunny Tote

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